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“Living” on Facebook and avoiding the rest of what life has to offer you can lead to you displaying clingy, needy and desperate behavior, all of which is unattractive to women.

The best approach to use when talking to women on Facebook is to leave a couple of days gap in between bursts of chatting for 5-10 minutes.

If you’re not a weirdo, then you would of course say, and would instead be attracted to feminine, sexy women.

The same applies when talking to women on Facebook: They are not going to feel attracted to you if you behave like a girl.

I provide my best, tested examples for contacting different types of women on Facebook and then escalating to a phone call so you can set up a date.

Online, anyone can pretend to be better, cooler and more confident than they are in real life.

Most women are more attracted to men who are mentally and emotionally strong (i.e.

Here are some butch lesbians and then some feminine women to give you a graphic example of what I mean… Are you more attracted to the butch lesbians who behave like men or the feminine women?

When you behave like a girl or like a little boy on Facebook, women feel as much attraction for you as you feel for butch lesbians. Just like you are attracted to feminine women, women are attracted to masculine men.

So, don’t behave like a girl on Facebook or you will be as unattractive to women as those butch lesbians are to you. Most women have a life or at least have enough responsibilities in life to feel busy.

However, being liked as a friend by a woman is not the same as having her feel attraction and desire for you, or making her want to meet you in person and have sex with you.

For a woman to want to be more than “just friends” with you, she needs to feel sexually attracted to you and the bottom line is if you’re just being a sweet, friendly guy who only wants “to talk” online, she will enjoy the attention while she goes out in real life and has sex with a real guy.

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What to say when you contact a woman via Facebook really depends on whether she is a cold, warm or hot contact.

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