Who is hakeem munya dating questionnaires online dating

Who is hakeem munya dating

FROM NAIRALAND: now this conspiracy between Fatima, Bolt and Elikem is starting to play out,while Bassey and Pokello are in the kitchen, Bolt came closer and started talking to Bassey in pidgin, Bassey now asked Pokello if she heard them,she said yes that he (Bassey) said Bolt is obsessed with her (Pokello) and Bassey said yes thats true but Pokello said she's used to it cos back at home people call her delicious Delilah and Bolt was wooooooow that its true but Pokello said it doesnt get to her that its norm AL for Bassey left the kitchen and Bolt joined Pokello and he was trying to play with her but one could notice Pokello wasntinterested, Bolt was now saying something like Pokello should know he gets angry easily but Pokello shocked him again by saying 'whose fault or biz?

u aint my man,why should i care' loooool Lol @teenagers being embarrassed by their dad @zioness, one of my bestfriends at varsity is just like bassey.

But you will certainly know you have crossed the line when you ask them "so how have you been gay? You will for sure get a punch you will never forget.

Hahahah @Drama - for a minute you had me going, dude! But maybe Bassey isn't gay - I've met a few guys like him.

I'm glad da side of selly dat had us talking during her HOH days is back!!! Watching da show all these years, entertainment 4 me ain't aba da sex, it's jux playing da game n being a catalyst 4 drama or evoking drama in da hs n being open 2 change.

Luke n jess had sex last season yet did not grasp any significant following; on da other hand, prezzo n Goldie(RIP) did not even seriously kiss n yet evoked so many emotions 4rm my friends n i.........exhaling!!!!

Not sure what the argument was about, but sulu said she has an attitude and that she's always negative to him. Pokello and elikem had a bit of a lovers tiff last night as well, elikem complaining that she's not real with him in public, you don't share your issues blah blah blah, she also complained about his indecisiveness. Drama that's just a rumour, bassey said no such.

After the 1st argument, fatima went to the kitchen alone, LOL and sulu kept talking about her, that's when she came back and they fought even more. He spoke about his mother and sister and everything that they had been through.

Arround they were sleeping, so they dropped the ball. Morning uhdikts, @drama your work is appreciated :::::::::: So last night nando was mad at selly because she gossiped about him to maria, something that he does daily about her to bimp (silly silly nando even threatened to swap her back to ruby).Anyway, selly was in such a good mood, she managed to gather everyone (except the queen, cleo and nando who where sleeping upstairs) and got them to speak about their conquests in the bba house.What I didn't like was when she wanted bimp and bev to kiss (very playfully) and asked them to explain their relationship (which bev was up for, I mean it wasn't that serious).Fatima's thing was that if you had a problem with me, you should have said it then and there. I went to twitter that night and people were making fun of the situation adding the gay thing.The only thing fatima was able to say to sulu international was "fuck you, I don't need this *bleep! Bassey never said he was gay shame Lol @drama, I'm not saying that he's not gay or anything, I'm just saying he didn't tell fatima that he was gay.

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I saw Hakeem and Cleo gurading ka bo 5am, they seemed awake and they were talking. What does the "loss mean", they loose a wager or swapping powers?

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