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After defeating Abaddon with Henry's help, Dean is shown to enjoy the idea that Abaddon will be forever trapped due to their inability to kill her.

After Abaddon escapes, she tries to get Dean to give her the location of Crowley and tells him that she finds Dean a worthy vessel.

Dean meets Anna during the fourth season, and protects her from angels and demons and soon discovers that she is an angel herself.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Preferences of some of your favourite boys! ➤Him being like most protective man alive that he will try to persuade you to get the anti-possession tattoo just in case ➤Him spoiling you and treating you like a queen, so also meaning him and you visiting many countries and many attractions ➤Getting demons to call you Queen, plus demons has suddenly become your personal slaves while his Hellhounds are just a bunch of puppies towards you ➤Making sure you get enough sleep and make sure you're always healthy.

Includes Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Balthazar, Lucifer, Michael and Crowley. ➤Endless teasing and lots of PDA, so much that people start getting annoyed or grossed out so making other's being jealous of your relationship, because you're relationship goals ➤Wearing his scarves because it is warm and smells like him ➤Cute, silly nicknames and names on phones ➤Him taking you out shopping for clothes at least three times a month ➤Him reading to you because it soothes you ➤Cuddles, because he is a massive teddy bear and won't admit it ➤Taking cute, silly and weird selfies that are saved on your phone.

She also worked as a nurse and Dean was surprised he was dating a respectable woman.

In the real world, she was a model in a magazine for his favorite beer.

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According to Dean, he enjoyed torturing souls and it left him feeling a great deal of shame towards himself.

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