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When you wallow in misery, all it does is make you feel even worse, less over him, and more desperate.And that’s going to work against you when you’re trying to get him back.Even though the rule itself is simple: just don’t have any contact with your ex for a certain period of time (which varies from 3 to 6 weeks), that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to pull off. And it’s deadly serious – no communication means Think about it this way, if you get a funny feeling in your stomach about something you’re about to do – chances are it breaks the no-contact rule. The no contact rule, at its heart, means no communication between you and your ex.Instead, you’ll appear confident, relaxed, and fully in control of yourself and of the situation – which is key to making him want you back.So describing the no contact rule is easy – just don’t contact him in any way.

There’s no wiggle room – either you’re following it or you’re not – which makes it the best possible option.

So the second step to success is going out and living your social life.

Of course – you don’t have to go out literally the night after he dumps you.

Plus, when it comes time to get your ex back, looking better is going to be an irresistible component that will make him want you back even more. You could pick up running, or join a co-ed or just for fun sports league in a sport you like to play, like soccer, basketball, softball, you name it. You could do yoga (in a class or on your own), start a gym routine – you could even join a workout group like crossfit.

All of these are great options to get off the couch, get active, and get stronger (while your ex gets weaker).

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