Internet dating email etiquette

Internet dating email etiquette

On several occasions, I have witnessed a negative statement made by a Mason go unchallenged, with no likes or comments, which told me that others did not enjoy what had been written online.

I personally think this is the best way of stating your displeasure online.

As such, after some reflection, I have decided to write my own views on the matter; and here they are, with supporting quotes from Albert Pike’s book , 1871. Just State Your Views In A Polite, None Threatening Or Offensive Manner: When posting a comment online, do nothing more than state your views in a polite inoffensive manner.

Never try to provoke another Mason by asking a question you already know the answer to. I am weary of the Mason who asks a question only to turn it into an unwinnable debate.

I am often puzzled by the Mason who travels the internet looking for weaker prey, or who is looking to pick an online fight with another Mason.

When a Mason attacks other organizations as being illegitimate, he only succeeds in demonstrating his own ignorance about the lessons within Masonry.Well, he actually did, but in a misguided effort to protect the craft, he instead has become a cyberbully.Instead of accepting another Masonic viewpoint, he actually goes out of his way to discredit the brother (or sister if a Co-Mason or a woman only Mason); this is an act unbecoming a Mason who desires a high moral character.Pike mentioned this problem when he asked why we still retain some Masons who excite rivalries and jealousies: “Your debates should be but friendly conversations. Why then do you retain among you men who excite rivalries and jealousies; why permit great and violent controversy and ambitious pretensions? Again, I have to ask, did they not learn anything from their Masonic lessons?Pike wrote about the problems of politics and religion: “, 1871, p 35).

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Therefore, when a topic of discussion becomes un Masonic, simply leave it, don’t respond, and if need be, leave the site.

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