Excel vba screenupdating active chart eff my dating life

Excel vba screenupdating active chart

You can change the z-order by right-clicking the chart object, and using the 'send forward' or 'send backward' command.In Excel 2007, it's much easier to do this by using the Re-order buttons in the Selection and Visibility pane.If a chart plots two data series it will have two Series objects.You can refer to a particular Series object by its index number.The expression below, for example, creates an object variable that represents the first Series object in the active chart: If your VBA code needs to determine the data range used by a particular chart series, it's obvious that the Values property of the Series object is just the ticket.And, you can use the XValues property to get the range that contains the x values (or category labels).This video shows how to delete empty worksheets in active workbook in one lick (with VBA). If there is only one empty sheet then it cannot be deleted. Count Sub Delete Empty Worksheets_02() Dim Sh As Variant, Count Delete As Integer 'Source: 'deletes empty worksheets which are visible (skips Hidden worksheets, Very Hidden worksheets and Chart sheets).

Follow these instructions to create a splash screen for your project. Delete Count Delete = Count Delete 1 End If Else 'for Chart sheet: Type Name(Sh) = "Chart" 'add some code if you want End If Next Sh Finish_: Application.Category: Charts & Graphics / General VBA | [Item URL] Quite by accident, I discovered something today that I should have known a long time ago: When you copy an Excel range, a graphic image of that range is also stored on the Windows clipboard.When the workbook is opened, the Workbook_Open subroutine is executed. When the User Form is displayed, it's Activate event occurs - which triggers the User Form_Activate subroutine.This subroutine uses the On Time method of the Application object to execute a subroutine (named Kill The Form) at a particular time.

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But when you read this property, it is always an array. Every data series in a chart has a SERIES formula that determines the data used in the series.

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