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So add a control to your page with Id=”ddl Genres”.

In design mode click the ddl Genres list and check the Enable Auto Post Back property.

At the moment they display only raw text but I am sure you got the idea (you can run your page to test it).

There is one more template we will add later , the .

Request your page in a browser and make sure it works fine. Instead of dropping a List View control in our page, something most developers do, here we will choose a different approach.

You saw from the previous step that you can configure Entity Data Source or other server controls in Design mode but at the end, only few lines added in the Mark up.

That happens because if you have noticed, in the Insert Item Template we don’t provide values either for the or the Genre Id properties.

Rather than talking let’s create a Web Form where we will use a List View control to support CRUD operations for our items.

To give you a taste about how our List View will look like, take a look at the following picture which will be the costumized template for displaying Review objects.

Right click your web site and add a new item named Movie Entities of type ADO. Click add and then press OK if prompted to create App_Code folder in your solution automatically.

Continue by selecting Generate from database option and make sure you configure your SQL Server connection properly so it points to the right Movie Store database.

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Date Time values are configured to be updated automatically in the database using the default value getdate() but still, you need to provide with a Date Time value.

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