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Dating a confirmed bachelor

The show's track record isn't what you would term as great. Did he make the most of his long, sort-of-awaited chance? The production company behind the show is trying to silence him, but The Bachelor spoilers must go on! Anyway, the post hometown-dates Rose Ceremony elimination is Tia Booth. That leaves us with the epic showdown of Becca Kufrin vs. All jokes and predictions of doom aside, when the dust settles and the season finale draws to a close sometime in March on ABC ... That's all we'll get into for now, but with another month to go until the journey officially begins, you best believe we're just getting started.

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand: Arie Luyendyk Jr., the runner-up on in 2012, has finished filming his starring turn that no one expected him to get. Arie goes on hometown dates with these four on the ninth episode of 2018. Before we get to that, though: Steve deserves a special shout-out this year for posting spoilers despite the threat of legal action. Sure, people change, but his reputation precedes him, and there are many stories that should surface once tabloids really start digging. Oh, they will mine this treasure trove hard, and it likely won't end well for Becca, who will have to weather that storm.

At this point, The Bachelor spoilers leaking before the season is a foregone conclusion. Anyway, ready to meet Arie's final four - and the winner?! Rumor has it that, similar to Raven, there'll be some big time drama involving her ex-boyfriend back home in the Natural State. From what we've heard, her cancer is in remission at least, but this Midwestern girl next door has been through a lot at a young age. Then it's off to Cusco, Peru, for Overnight Dates, where Kendall Long made it despite never getting a one-on-one ALL YEAR. Given who he is, and this track record, it's a slim one ...

After being rejected by Emily Maynard, who has had like 12 kids since then, Arie took the reins of the reality franchise - and found love. The 36-year-old has sped to the finish line, seen the checkered flag and all the terrible race-car driving puns you can dream up. A 28-year-old physical therapist from Arkansas, she is BFFs with none other than Raven Gates, a.k.a. Hey, it worked out pretty well for her bestie, this show. Rebecca Kufrin, who goes by Becca, is 27, is a Minnesota girl who lost her dad and whose mother has battled cancer. Another great run and near-miss for the Arkansas contingent. But also a harbinger of doubt as to her realistic chances of winning the 2018 season. Lauren Burnham for the final rose and the Neil Lane ring they will one day return. Hit the comments below and tell us if you believe Arie and Becca will indeed get engaged, and assuming they do, if they stand a chance.

) and all other previous Bachie seasons could soon return to our screens.

The Bachelor is just beginning with its 22nd season on ABC. before (Bushnell) so the Virginia Beach product has that going for her. It turns out that the prediction of who will win the final rose as described above is still correct ... As if that weren't enough, he's now dating Lauren Burnham, this season's runner-up, after second thoughts about dumping her!

“You know, I’m out there dating.” RELATED VIDEO: Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi Reportedly End Engagement Come Jan.

show on Friday, Kraus, 32, revealed his appearance on the upcoming winter spinoff is “not confirmed yet.” “Mike Fleiss likes to tweet a lot of things,” he said with a laugh.

Here's hoping unlike Raven, Tia has orgasmed before. We can't guarantee that these struggles will be the topic of an emotional date conversation with Arie, but ... without twists and turns, but man alive does this take the cake. Arie Luyendyk Jr., as predicted, presents his final rose to Becca Kufrin, however, his engagement to Becca is ALREADY OVER.Fans flooded the comments, and a lot of them aren't really feeling the pairing, and some think Sarah and Wells are just an odd couple. "This is so weird LOL [cause] like she seems too famous for him," one fan wrote. “I was miserable with Ben; he treated me so badly,” says Robertson, who planned to move to San Francisco to be with the winemaker until he told her, "‘I just turned 30, and I’m not ready." That's when Robertson found comfort in race-car driver Luyendyk Jr., who was left broken-hearted when Maynard chose Jef Holm over him during last season's finale -- Maynard and Holm have since called it quits. The way she handled it wasn’t in the best taste,” he tells Life & Style. “That [her romance with Luyendyk Jr.] really closed the door behind her.” As for what he thinks about the race-car driver, Flajnik says, “I thought I knew him.“I didn’t want to jump from one public relationship to another,” Robertson admits, “but Arie and I get along, and I’m not going to let that get away.” “Arie makes me laugh so hard, and he’s adorable," she raves, "So I'm going with it." UPDATE: Ben Flajnik has released a statement concerning Robertson's rebound relationship with Luyendyk Jr. "All of my friends were really surprised and disappointed. He came up to Sonoma and we hung out for a few days.

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“It’s definitely something I’ve been interested in — it looks like a blast, and I know some of my good friends are going onto it,” he revealed.

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