Couchsurfing is not a dating website

- I would do a search for locals and filter it by either "users who recently logged in" or "newest profiles." Those who were recently on the site tend to be active users and the newest users will be the most responsive.

- I only contact the girls with less than 200 profile views and the ones who don't have a lot of couchsurfing friends.

- I send them an innocent request asking if they know of any cool bars or places to check out, which Roosh suggests.

Maybe they will do that while sober if you're super-alpha, but a mere mortal will have to be on the lookout for hints and signals, and then make a move. i dont want to waste my time corresponding or even hanging out with a girl just to figure out her intentions.Sure, she might suspect something, but it's an innocent enough question that you won't look like you have some kind of agenda.Sometimes they tell me they have a boyfriend, but he's ok with it or other times she says something like "not all of them are jealous.Luckily I don't have one" - The best place to meet up is a park maybe, and then a bar later on if you're feeling her. - If you are good at switching it from "cultural exchange" framework into a sexual framework of interaction and physically escalating, go for it.Find a bar in the daytime that feels intimate and cozy. Sometimes it's tough to get on that wavelength so as a failsafe, I use a gimmick called the "secrets game" Goes something like this: I tell her that in the US we sometimes play this game that helps people get to know each other better. I start off with soft questions like "What's your favorite ice cream flavor." Then I eventually go no holds barred with something like "When's the last time you had sex?

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If there are no meetings in the city you're in (let's call it "City X"), then create an event, and post an announcement on the group corresponding to City X inviting people to show up.

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