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When I was doing my album and putting the song list together, John Hughes passed away.

I never intended to cover that song, but it kind of came out of a rehearsal where he was on my mind, and I was thinking about that song.

I thought that would be sort of challenging, to make her sympathetic. So when you’re watching the movie, you’re seeing everything sort of as we did it.

And also it was only John’s second movie as a director ( Any worst or embarrassing moment from the filming?

It’s more about the zeitgeist and what’s going on in the moment, and she comes to mind. I can’t really say I felt like the model of a typical teen because I felt like my own experience was so different. I remember talking to Warren Beatty who, when I told him that I was going to be on the cover of TIME, was like “What, what, what?! I got to meet Toni Morrison and Mikhail Gorbachev and Bill Gates.

That could be because I’m reading her book right now, but I feel like she has her finger on the pulse. But I definitely feel like the characters that I played were sort of “girl next door, Midwestern.” Since I was the face of those girls, it was easy to confuse the two. ” Then he told me it takes at least five years to get over being on the cover of TIME magazine, which I thought was a funny response. It was amazing to be in this room with these incredible people and to feel like I was a part of that in some way. ) Do you think it’s harder to be a teen in 2015 than in 1985? The Internet has changed the teen experience, and cyberbullying didn’t exist in the same way. It was touched on in The fact that you can put stuff out there as a tween or a teenager, not really think about it, and make a permanent record, that’s really hard.

opened in the US, and although it wasn't a runaway box office hit, in the years since it has rightly claimed a place as a screen classic.

I always loved the movie, I loved it when I filmed it, I just didn’t know it would have the longevity that it seems to have had. The theme is something that is still really relevant today, which is that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, everyone kind of feels the same, which is that they don’t belong. Did you relate to your character Claire at the time? I wanted to play that character because I felt like she was really different.

It's been more than 30 years since the world met, in the simplest terms, "a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal." The teen film "The Breakfast Club" was released on February 15, 1985, and became one of the decade's defining films. Molly Ringwald plays Claire Standish and was the princess of the John Hughes directed films, working with him not only on "The Breakfast Club" but also "Sixteen Candles" and "Pretty in Pink." The former teen icon is a mom and has continued to act.

In 2017 she snagged a recurring role as Archie Andrews's mom Mary on the CW series "Riverdale." Like Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall also appeared in "Sixteen Candles" as well as another popular Hughes film, "Weird Science." At 17, he was the youngest cast member ever on "Saturday Night Live" and has continued to work in TV including the series "Psych" and most recently "Murder In The First." He plays nerd Brian Johnson in "The Breakfast Club." Emilio Estevez plays jock Andrew Clark in the film.

I’ve seen Michael [Anthony Michael Hall] the most and have stayed in contact with him.

The only one I haven’t really seen is Emilio [Estevez]. Do you think there are celebrities who make up a 2015 version of the “brat pack”? I feel like the brat-pack thing was a fabrication by the press and made us sound like we were all hanging out together and partying.

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You’re followed [by] TMZ and the Internet and everyone taking pictures with their phones when you’re sitting in a coffee shop or in a public bathroom. I don’t think that I would have done it if it would have been like that.

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