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Conservation biologists are interested in cheetah cheating because it impacts the cheetah population's level of genetic variation.Loosely, genetic variation is a measure of the genetic differences within a population.A population in which every individual has the same gene version (i.e., allele) at a particular location in the genome has less genetic variation for that gene than a population in which many individuals carry different gene versions at that location.Genetic variation is a key ingredient of evolution.

Male lions, male chimps, and male elephant seals (along with many others) play the Casanovas, pairing up with multiple females.However, the situation has worsened in modern times.Habitat encroachment and poaching have further reduce cheetah numbers, consequently snuffing out even more genetic variation and leaving cheetahs even more vulnerable to extinction.Natural selection acts on the genetic variation present in a population to remove those variants that fail to produce offspring in a particular situation and spread those variants that are particularly good at producing offspring.A population with no genetic variation (in which every individual is genetically identical) cannot evolve in response to environmental or situational changes.

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